Plane tree forest of Kireas

This is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Forest, mainly plane trees but also other hydrophilic plants, that live at the sides of the river "Kireas" located in Kireas municipality, in northern Euboea. "Kireas", the river, stems from the mountains Fteritsa, Pyxaria, Mavrovouni, Kantili and flowing through the valley of the plain of Prokopi and the basin of Mantoudi, meets Nileas where they become one, and as Voudoros, are poured in the Aegean sea on the beach of Kria Vrissi near "Peleki" of Kirinthos. According to Strabon, sheep that drank from the water of Kirea spawned white sheep and sheep that drank from Neleus gave birth to black.

Along the length of the forest, scattered, one with nature, the visitor encounters small bridges built by the locals to pass the river, and six small chapels. The chapels, surrounded by greenery, in this idyllic landscape, accept daily passing pilgrims.