Drymonas waterfalls

The Drymonas waterfalls compose a location of inexhaustible natural beauty. The beautiful waterfalls are located in Evia, at an altitude of 620 meters, 4 km after the monastery of Saint David, from the road that starts from Rovies. The path between the green by vegetation environment, offer calm and tranquility feeling to the travelers.

There are two opinions about how he got the name of the region: Whether the dense forest of oak (oak) that surrounds it, either from the intense cold that prevails in the area during the winter months. The Forest Service in the region has created for visitors, with great care and respect for the natural environment, a wooden pavilion with a small exhibition of local plants and fossils found in the region. It also has built with natural materials, trunks and ropes, bridges and brackets in order to enjoy the traveler the unique waterfalls within a short path route.

The river "Sepias" creates a magical spectacle, by spewing water of the dreamy waterfalls. The water, falls with noise from a height of 15 meters in a crystal lake, encircled by rocks and forest. The overgrown lake that is of great ecological value because of the thick fir tree forest that surrounds it in combination with the rare beauty black pines.