close to us, for landlubber excursions

Outside the village of Agia Anna, 3 km west, in a mountainous region, there is a famous canyon, the gorge of Boulovinainas. The story says that during the revolution of 1821, Boulovinaina wanting to avoid the Turks, fell into it and since then took her name.

More specifically, the story tells that during the Ottoman period, around 40 people were hiding from the Turks in a cave of the gorge. Among them was Bolovinaina. For some reason, Bolovinaina came out of the canyon and as she returns, she was identified by the Turks. Willing not to be caught by the Turks, and not to betray the hideout, Bolovinaina fell into the gorge.

The gorge is only 3 km from Agia Anna and visitors can get there through the settlement of Palaiovrysis. The canyon is also called Nigger. This name probably comes from an ancient myth that said that the sheep who drank water from the banks of Neleus, gave birth to black sheep.


Images from the gorge of Boulovinainas