Παραλία Σαρακίνικο Αγία Άννα εϋβοια

The beach of Agia Anna (Agali) is a scenic resort in northern Evia, about 1 hour from Halkida, which highlights in the blue water of the Aegean. It is the longest beach of Evia (about 7km). The sea is deep, the bottom is sandy, while the beach has sand and pebbles.

The beach is organized in several parts, but it is so big that there is always room for everyone who prefers some loneliness.

Agia Anna is one of the best options for those who prefer to rest and relax to a place where the rich vegetation is ending in the waters of the sea in a unique way, creating a magical image. The picturesque cobblestone is a nice walk of about 2km, while the sound of the waves promises to calm you and make you instantly love our place.

The prompt for relaxation, should not prevent the visitors who desire more intense evening activities. Various Clubs and Cafe-Bars are available on the beach, right on the edge of the wave!